Understanding The Need for Pediatric Crowns and Fillings

August 22, 2022

Hearing that your child has a cavity or many cavities can be tough for parents who have tried to be diligent about teaching children good dental care and enforcing good habits. However, even the most responsible parents can have children who suffer from dental problems like cavities and tooth decay. Once this diagnosis is made, prompt and effective treatment is the best way to deal with the issue to stop the spread of these dental problems.

It’s not uncommon for parents to wonder why a child’s tooth would need a filling or a crown. To better understand why crowns and fillings are recommended treatment for children in some cases, it’s important to understand what the larger aim of the treatment is and how it will impact your child over the long term. Pediatric dentistry isn’t just concerned with the teeth your child has now, but also the teeth that will come in and the overall bite pattern. While baby teeth are temporary, they play a part in the overall placement of your child’s adult teeth, and they can impact your child’s bite, gum health, and more. When a pediatric dentist recommends work like fillings and crowns for kids, chances are there are multiple reasons for this course of treatment.

Why Perform Fillings and Crowns for Kids?

Fillings and crowns for kids can be used to limit the decay and damage done to the tooth while keeping it in place in the mouth. This is often simpler, less complicated, and cheaper than extracting the tooth. For young children, an unnecessary tooth extraction can be traumatic and cause future anxiety around going to the dentist. The simple process of getting a crown put in place can be much easier on a child. The crown also prevents the tooth from cracking and causing further damage that needs intervention by a dental professional.

In the long term, placing a crown or filling lets you preserve the space where the tooth is and allow an adult tooth to fill this space. If a damaged or decayed tooth is pulled too soon, the rest of the teeth can move over time to fill that space. Eventually when the adult tooth comes in, there may not be enough space, resulting in the need for orthodontia to make room or straighten the teeth around the space. Instead, placing a crown and preserving the baby tooth preserves the space and allows the adult tooth to come through when it is ready.

What Options are Available for Pediatric Crowns and Fillings?

Professional fillings and crowns are available in stainless steel and white finishes. While traditional stainless steel can be more cost effective, the look of a white crown and filling is virtually the same as any other tooth. This can be more aesthetically pleasing as it's less noticeable when your child smiles or talks. White crowns are typically made from ceramic material and as such less durable over time than ones made of steel, and are more likely to break if the child eats something hard or sticky, like candy.

How Do I Choose a Dentist to Perform fillings and crowns for kids in Idaho Falls?

Picking a dentist that you trust to work with your child can understandably be a challenging process for the parents. You can look at reviews, online testimonials, and accounts from former patients to get a good idea of which pediatric dentists in your area might be a good match for your family’s needs. Choose a pediatric dentist with a high level of training and experience, but also look for an office where the staff is warm, welcoming, and patient. This helps create an atmosphere that your child can enjoy visiting and helps stop them from developing anxiety around visiting the dentist.

Baker Pediatric Dentistry offers just that. You will always receive a warm welcome when you come in. We feel your entire family will feel comfortable and at ease in Dr. Baker’s office. Dr. Baker is a second generation pediatric dentist with roots in the Idaho Falls community who can help you keep your children’s teeth healthy. Dr. Baker has three wonderful kids of his own, so he can relate to your family’s needs. Contact us today to make an appointment to have your child’s teeth examined and evaluated by our pediatric dentist. If you suspect your child has dental problems like cavities or tooth decay, book an appointment with Dr. Baker, the Idaho Falls Teeth Expert, today.

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