The Impacts Of Nutrition And Diet On Oral Health

August 22, 2022

Malnutrition can lead to low resistance to infection and poor wound healing. It's also linked with an increased incidence of dental caries and periodontal disease. Conversely, good nutrition is essential for optimal oral health. We can't ignore the relationship between malnutrition and oral health, especially in children. It's important to understand the role nutrition plays in kids' dental health to improve oral health.

Nutrition counseling and management in children and adolescents, especially those with malocclusion or orthodontic appliances, can help.

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Impacts Of Nutrition And Diet On Oral Health

1. Nutrition Affects Enamel Formation

The development of healthy enamel is influenced by the type and amount of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and sugars consumed during the stages of tooth development. Enamel is the outermost, protective covering of the teeth. It gives strength and durability to teeth by providing resistance against acids in foods and drinks. If the pH in the mouth changes, young tooth enamel can be dissolved.

2. Influences Remineralization

The process of tooth remineralization is highly influenced by nutrition. Saliva plays an important role in this process. Saliva helps to keep the pH level neutral during eating, drinking, brushing teeth, etc. Enzymes are produced in the body to help repair enamel damage which occurs due to acid attacks and other factors like a bacterial infection, physical trauma, etc. When there is a good intake of calcium and phosphate (from both food and saliva), the process of remineralization is improved.

3. Helps in Plaque Control

Plaque control might be influenced by nutrition. The intake of raw vegetables and fruits might help in maintaining good oral health when consumed between meals. Vegetables and fruits are low in sugars, which might reduce the risk for caries development. According to the American Dental Association, food consistency is also important (i.e., avoiding sticky or tough foods that are difficult to chew).

4. Aids in Maintaining Immune Function

The immune system affects oral health because it affects the salivary gland, which makes saliva that protects teeth from bacterial acids. The immune system also plays an important role in maintaining oral health because it is responsible for destroying harmful bacteria.

5. Influences Age Of Eruption

Age of eruption is the period between birth and when a permanent tooth becomes visible. It is influenced by nutrition because some nutrients influence bone development. If there is not adequate nutrition during this time, certain bones of the face may be smaller than normal, which means that baby teeth may erupt later.

6. Nutrition Affects Resting Metabolism

A healthy resting metabolism means the body is burning calories at a normal rate. If there isn't good nutrition and calorie consumption, resting metabolism slows down which causes weight gain and obesity. Overweight people tend to have more dental cavities than those of normal weight. They also tend to be short of breath more often than those who maintain the normal weight.

Nutrition counseling services for kids in Idaho Falls can help you understand the foods to feed your child and the ones to avoid for improved oral health and overall body wellness.

The Role Nutrition Plays In Kids Dental Health

Nutrition plays a vital role in kids' dental health. The type of food children eat is critical to their development. Unhealthy diets filled with sugar and carbohydrates may cause tooth decay or other problems, such as obesity. The primary role of a healthy diet is to help children grow and develop properly.

 As your child's oral health care provider, we want to help you understand how important it is to work with your child's pediatrician to develop a healthy diet for your child, one that is both nutritious and cavity-free. 

Many of us have been told that how we care for our teeth is important from the time they start coming into our lives. We brush, floss, and even try some home remedies in the quest to maintain a healthy smile. But did you know, what we eat can play a huge role in keeping your child's smile strong and healthy? For nutrition counseling services for kids in Idaho Falls, Consult with us at Baker pediatric dentistry. We are more than happy to attend to your child's nutritional needs for optimal oral health.

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