Snacks That Cause Cavities

August 22, 2022

Kids love a sweet snack between meals, but how will that sweet snack affect their teeth? There are many foods out there that dentist warn us to stay away from, or consume minimally because of their damaging effects. Here we will talk about some of those snacks that may be causing cavities in your child’s teeth.

My daughter loves fruit snacks and raisins for a snack. You might be thinking, “Okay I see how fruit snacks can cause cavities, but raisins?” Foods that are sticky, like dried fruit and fruit snacks along with other types of sticky foods, can be harmful to your child’s teeth. This is because they tend to linger on teeth longer than other foods, and the longer food sits on teeth, the more likely they are to form cavities. Rinsing with water after they eat something sticky can help remove some of the lingering food, but brushing and flossing will do a much better job at removing the sticky leftovers from their snack.

Your probably wondering, “what other snacks are going to cause cavities?” The answer is: crackers, chips and cookies.  These foods are very starchy, and types of foods tend to get trapped in your teeth. Just like sticky foods these starchy foods can cause cavities if they linger on teeth for too long. Sugary treats, like candy, have the same effect as starchy and sticky foods. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry says, “A food with sugar or starch is safer for teeth if it is eaten with a meal, not as a snack.”

Beverages, like soda and sports drinks, contain high amounts of sugar, and we all know how much kids would rather have one of those over water. Drinking large amounts of these drinks over a long period of time can cause plaque bacteria to use the sugar to produce acids which attack the enamel of your teeth, which then makes your child’s teeth vulnerable to cavities. The acidity that is found in most soft dinks is already harmful to your teeth. Your dentist will advise you to give your child water, or milk, as an alternative to soft dinks and sports drinks.

Your dentist wont tell you to stop letting your child consume these things all together, but you will be advised to make sure they are getting their teeth brushed and flossed properly.  As always if you have any concerns about what could be damaging your child’s teeth, ask your dentist, he will be more than happy to give you information to help keep your child’s teeth cavity free! You can also visit the following links for more information.


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