Sealants: What are they and what are the benefits?

August 22, 2022

Sealants: What are they and what are the benefits?

It’s possible your child’s dentist has mentioned the idea of putting sealants on your child’s teeth, and maybe they already have sealants.  If that is the case this is still a good thing for you to read and learn from.  We are going to talk about what sealants really are, and how your child would benefit from having sealants.

So what are sealants?  Sealants are made from a plastic material, which is then placed in the grooves of teeth.  Usually the sealants will be put into the molars and the pre-molars; these are the teeth that will have grooves.  These grooves are prone to collecting food deposits and trapping plaque, and these teeth can be more susceptible to tooth decay because of this.  Your child’s dentist will place the sealants into the grooves of the teeth they believe need a little extra protection against plaque and food deposits.  These sealants will create a barrier that will help protect your child’s teeth.  Even if your child has good tooth brushing and flossing habits, their dentist still may recommend sealants; sometimes the grooves in the teeth are so deep that normal tooth brushing can’t remove plaque that is trapped.  Sealants should last for many years, however your child’s dentist will look at them during routine check ups to make to see if there needs to be any repair or re-application.

Some children are worried about having the dentist do things to their teeth, but with this procedure there is nothing to be afraid of.  The procedure of have a sealant placed is painless and relatively quick.  Their tooth will be cleaned and dried, and the sealant material will be placed in the grooves of the teeth.  It will then be allowed to dry, or the dentist will use a special light to help harden the material.  That’s it, quick and painless.  When taken care of properly, sealants can last for many years, which your child can benefit from greatly.  As stated previously, sealants are an additional form of protection for the tooth against tooth decay, therefore preventing your child from getting cavities.

If you are curious to know whether or not your child could benefit from sealants, talk with your child’s dentist and they will be able to evaluate their teeth and determine if your child would benefit from sealants.  If you would like more information, please visit the links provided.


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