Does Sedation Dentistry Really Help?

August 22, 2022

It is very common for children to feel scared and nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist for their check-ups. And should a dental procedure be necessary, such as having a cavity filled or a tooth pulled, the fear and anxiety can be highly elevated for your child, and for you.

It is vital that your child has the most positive, pain-free experience – whether their teeth are being cleaned or a molar needs a filling. Not only is pediatric dentistry a very important part of your child’s healthcare, but having better dental visit experiences as a child helps make certain that your child keeps up with his or her consistent dental care as an adult.

If your child’s fear and anxiety are too overwhelming for a dental visit or procedure to be completed, your pediatric dentist may ask you, “Is sedation dentistry right for you and your child’s dental visit experience and needs?” and discuss with you the safety, ease, and experience related to the sedation process.

Is it Safe to Get Sedated at the Dentist?

The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Former chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, who helped write the new AAPD guidelines for pediatric dentists, stated that “Thousands and thousands of general anesthesia procedures are done in children every year, and they come out well. Some are done in hospitals; some are done in dental offices or oral surgery offices … it’s a safe procedure.”

Furthermore, In 2019 more stringent and updated guidelines were developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for the sedation of pediatric patients. Some of the important safety-related goals outlined in the guidelines include:

  • Guarding the patient’s safety and welfare
  • Lessening pain or physical discomfort felt by the child
  • Helping the child to thrive in a dental environment by controlling anxiety and minimizing any psychological trauma brought on by fear

Your child is always safe and well with our educated, gentle and sympathetic team of pediatric dental experts.

We understand what your child – and you – are feeling. Our pediatric dentists are highly experienced in safe sedation techniques and are all licensed to perform dental sedation.

Does Sedation Dentistry Really Work?

Do you know what the most common childhood infectious disease is? Tooth decay.

There are 621 million children around the world who suffer from tooth decay. So many times, the decay and cavities are not treated due to a child’s fear of the dentist. But with no treatment, tooth decay can quickly turn into infections and various levels of pain for young ones.

Safe sedation works so well and is so important for the health of your fearful, “won’t-stay-in-the-dental-chair” child. The dental work gets completed, your child remains healthy and pain-free, and there is no negative association with the dental visit and dental procedure.

The Safe and Efficient Sedation Dentistry Types We Offer

  • In-Office Oral Sedation
  • With this type of sedation, your child is given a small dose of liquid medication to drink. Your child becomes very relaxed once the medication takes effect; he or she is not asleep and can hear and respond to any verbal communication by the dentist (such as, “please open your mouth just a little wider”) and by you (“Hey kiddo, you’re doing an amazing job. I’m so amazed by you!”)
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation
  • The more popular name for this type of sedation is “laughing gas.” It is a very popular relaxation-inducing sedative type used for countless pediatric (and adult) patients alike, and as for side effects: little to none
  • Operation Room Anesthesia
  • When using general anesthesia to sedate a child in our practice, rest assured that only a licensed anesthesiologist performs and manages the entire IV sedation process. Upon awakening, your child will have no memory of the dental procedure, meaning no buildup of fear when it comes to future dentist visits!

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