Dental Crown for Kids Idaho Falls

August 22, 2022

Caring for your child's teeth and mouth is very important to their health and development. However, at times there may be issues that arise and require the dentist to take specific measures to prevent further damage and allow the child to use their teeth generally without pain and risk further damage from normal wear and tear. That is where dental crowns can provide the solutions and help your child use their teeth as usual with the help of unique treatments and materials. 

What is a Dental Crown for Kids? 

A dental crown is a special cap that fits over the top of the tooth. A crown is used when there is a missing tooth or a tooth that's damaged and prevents normal use and may be visible. Some instances where a dental crown for kids is a good option include the following.

  • A very decayed tooth with substantial mass missing. That means there might not be enough teeth for a normal filling. 
  • A dental crown can help a bridge 
  • Prevent a fracture of the tooth
  • Correct a tooth fracture
  • Cover a malformed or discolored tooth

A frequent cause of a dental crown is when a cavity has gone unchecked and eroded the tooth to the point where typical measures won't prevent further decay or won't support the filling materials. This procedure is fast and relatively simple. However, more than one visit may be necessary to prepare for the procedure and get the proper outcome. 

What are Dental Crown Materials? 

A dental crown can be made from a few types of material. Some options range from metal to porcelain alloys. The most popular choices are those that are tooth-colored. When installed, the crown is usually undetectable to the naked eye. However, each situation is unique, and that's where the dentist's expertise comes into play. They can analyze the situation and make the appropriate recommendations. Some factors that go into deciding on the material to use include the location of the tooth, gum tissue orientation, visual appeal, and the color of the teeth. Get the best kids dental crowns in Idaho Falls today by contacting your pediatric dentist. They can recommend the right approach and materials. 

The Process 

The process of placing a dental crown in your child's mouth is usually a 2-visit procedure. The first visit is a combination of an exam and consultation. At the next visit, the tooth is prepared carefully for crown planets. The outer layer of the tooth is removed along with any decayed portions. This tooth is shaped to fit the crown comfortably. There may be instances where the dentist must add material to the tooth's core for support. This may be due to tooth decay or damage from impact force. The next step involves making an impression of the tooth. There are a few ways this can happen. The dentist may choose to use a manual mold or create it using a digital scan of the tooth. 

 The dentist then places a temporary crown in position until the permanent crown is ready for installation. Depending on the situation, the entire process takes days to perhaps over one week. It's important to avoid sticky food or gum chewing while the temporary crown is in place because it can come out easily. However, there are some cases where the permanent crown can be installed on the same visit. The permanent crown is fitted precisely to the tooth and then cemented into place. To get started with this process, find the best dental crowns for kids near me by researching pediatric dentists in Idaho Falls. 

Best Kids Dental Crowns Near Idaho Falls ID

If you're looking for kids dental crowns near Idaho Falls, you can rely on Baker Pediatric Dentistry to provide you and your child with the options that best suit the situation. Each patient is unique, and our experts can determine what procedures and course of treatment offer the best outcome and appearance. The goal is to give children a healthy, beautiful smile they can be proud of right now and give them a solid foundation to help them keep their smiles looking great into adulthood. If your child potentially needs kids dental crowns near Idaho Falls, we are proud to offer an appointment for services. Just call us today, and we'll get you set up for a visit with our expert dentist. 

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