Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

September 30, 2023

The dentist can be a source of phobia for many people; this can cause them to put off visits or appointments that are important for general tooth care. But today, with the help of sedation dentistry, patients can have an effective and less painful procedure. Sedation dentistry is helpful to patients who experience stress, fear, or anxiety during dental procedures. For the best sedation dentistry services, visit us at Baker Pediatric Dentistry. We are a team of certified and experienced dental professionals, who are committed to providing the best possible oral health care for our patients. 

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

This is a type of dentistry that uses sedatives to help a patient relax during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can be used for both simple and complex procedures, and can range from minimal sedation to general anesthesia. While it's generally safe, it's important to work with a qualified dentist who is experienced at administering and monitoring sedation. Patients should also be sure to let their dentist know about any medical conditions they have, and any medications they are taking, as this can affect how the sedation will work.

Types Of Sedation Dentistry

There are various types of sedation dentistry, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The type of sedation right for you will depend on your unique situation and needs.

Some of the most common types of sedation dentistry include:

  • Nitrous oxide: Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild sedative inhaled through a mask during dental procedures. It is one of the safest and most effective forms of sedation dentistry, and it wears off quickly, so you can drive yourself home after your appointment.
  • Oral conscious sedation: Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill before your dental appointment. The medication will make you drowsy, but you will still be awake and able to respond to questions or instructions from the dentist.
  • IV sedation: IV sedation is a more intense form of sedation administered through a small IV in your arm. 
  • General anesthesia: General anesthesia is the most intense form of sedation dentistry used for more invasive procedures. You will be completely unconscious during the procedure.

Your dentist will help you choose the type of sedation that is right for you based on your individual needs.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

Reduced Anxiety And Fear

Sedation dentistry can help reduce anxiety and fear about dental procedures. Some people may miss dental appointments or avoid going to the dentist altogether because of fear. Sedation dentistry can help these individuals get the dental care they need in a comfortable environment. This can make it easier for the patient to cooperate and allow the dentist to complete the procedure.

Less Pain 

This is crucial for individuals who have a low pain tolerance or suffer from conditions that make them more sensitive to pain. Sedation can also help reduce the gag reflex, making it easier for the dentist to work in the mouth. By use of sedation dentistry, the patient can have a more positive experience and be less likely to associate the dentist with pain.

Faster Procedures

Sedation dentistry helps speed up dental procedures, which means shorter appointments. This is because patients are more relaxed and cooperative during the procedure when they are under sedation. The dentist will not have to worry about the patient's reaction to treatment or them moving around on the chair. This can save time for both the patient and the dentist.

Reduced Sensitivity

Some patients may have sensitive teeth or gums that make dental procedures uncomfortable. Sensitive teeth result from worn tooth enamel caused by factors like a cavity, a worn filling, and gum disease. Sedation can help reduce the patient's sensitivity to pain and make the procedure more comfortable. This can be helpful for patients who have had previous negative experiences at the dentist or who have particularly sensitive teeth.

 Helps With Dental Phobias

 If you have any phobia of needles or other dental procedures, sedation dentistry can help ease your fears and allow you to get the dental care you need. Sedation dentistry can help people with phobia due to previous unpleasant experiences with the dentist, maybe from childhood. This phobia may continually grow each time they visit the dentist, but with dentistry sedation, there can be no more phobia; it will reduce the fear since the patient will experience a comfortable procedure.

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